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About the Artist:
Wiko, TheWicked or Nicola.

Never let your true self down.

My name is Nicola also known as Wiko or TheWicked. My last 10 years were a hell of ride. I did things I never thought were possibile: jumping on a stage in front of thousands, designing art for legendary musicians, share intimate conversations about life with them and understanding more who I am.

But not all the time was like that. I worked in many industries, and some were really bad, clients didn’t pay, friends turned their back, I wanted to quit a lot of times. The thing that got me committed was my freedom. The freedom of not having a “real” job to go to.

Bottom line, I failed, I understood, I got scared and sometimes rewarded with greatness.

ROLLED UP Art Prints is a new big chapter of my creative career.

My deepest hope is for you to feel some chapters of my story through these posters & art, and maybe get some vibes on your daily living.

And if you are in doubt of what path to choose in your life, choose you and the rest will come.

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Nicola Napoli, Wiko, TheWicked - Rolled Up Art Prints